GitLab CI

1. Create a pipeline schedule

You will need a DEPS_TOKEN from and a DEPS_GITLAB_TOKEN if you are running this on a GitLab repo.

GitLab pipeline schedule for deps

2. Add deps jobs to .gitlab-ci.yml

This example shows two different languages in use, each running in their own container.

The --type option is used to run the specific language updates in their respective containers.

Note: GitLab CI is supported by CI autoconfigure.

A minimal example of using deps in .gitlab-ci.yml would look like this:

  image: "node:latest"
  only: [schedules]
    - curl | bash -s -- -b $HOME/bin
    - yarn install
    - $HOME/bin/deps ci --type js

  image: "python:3"
  only: [schedules]
    - curl | bash -s -- -b $HOME/bin
    - pipenv sync --dev
    - $HOME/bin/deps ci --type python


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